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Tom Misner is a legendary name in the music industry, known for founding SAE Institute, one of the world’s largest creative media education companies. From humble beginnings as a music producer in local Australian studios in the 1970s, Misner went on to build a global education empire that has produced Oscar and Grammy-winning graduates.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore Misner’s journey from his early days as an audio engineer to becoming the visionary entrepreneur behind SAE’s exponential growth across 6 continents.

We will look at his personal life, wife, children, net worth, achievements, philanthropy and the legacy he created in revolutionizing creative arts education.

Tom Misner’s Net Worth

Given he founded and owned substantial shares in a company sold for over $100 million, Tom Misner’s net worth is estimated to be around $450 million as of 2023. However, there are no confirmed figures officially available publicly.

Some reports suggest Misner also owns millions worth of real estate assets globally including a $60 million farm and estate in Australia. He lives a lavish lifestyle with a private jet and luxury residences as befits a self-made billionaire.

Net Worth$450 million (USD)
Annual IncomeN/A
Last Updated2023
tom misner net worth

Tom Misner Wiki/Bio

Tom Misner Net Worth
Tom Misner Net Worth

Thomas “Tom” Misner was born on June 16, 1955, in Sydney, Australia to middle-class parents. Details about his siblings are not available publicly. After completing high school in 1968 from Munchen Nordbad School, Misner graduated from Waverley College, Sydney in 1972.

Misner had a deep passion for music, audio production and technology from a young age. After finishing college, he started interning at local Sydney recording studios in 1973 to gain hands-on experience in music production.

Quick Bio
Real NameTom Misner
HometownSydney, Australia
Age66 years
Nationality Australian
ProfessionMusic producer, Businessmen

Tom Misner Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Tom Misner‘s birthday is on 16th June. He is 66 years old. Tom‘s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Birthdate18 February
Day of BirthFriday
Year of Birth1955
BirthplaceSydney, Australia
Birth SignAquarius
Birth Sign DualityPassive
Birth Sign Modality & ElementCardinal & Water
Opposite SignLeo

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Height5 feet 6 inch
Weight78 kg / 170 pound (approx.)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Starting His Audio Engineering Career

What is Tom Misner famous for

In 1974, Misner left his intern role and moved to Germany for 2 years. He landed jobs at large commercial recording studios in Munich, where he honed his skills in producing music for popular German films and artists.

Exposure to world-class studios inspired Misner to bring international standards of audio production to Australia. In 1976, he returned home to Sydney and co-founded Studios 301 with business partner John Bee.

Studios 301 became one of Australia’s premier audio production facilities, working with top bands like INXS, Midnight Oil and AC/DC. As Chief Engineer, Misner produced over 200 records and film scores during the late 1970s.

Misner and Bee also launched one of the first digital audio workstations in the southern hemisphere in 1979. Their technical expertise and service quality made Studios 301 an industry leader.

Founding SAE Institute in 1976

tom misner height

While working at Studios 301, Misner recognized a lack of specialized education in audio engineering and music production in Australia. Most engineers learned on the job in an ad-hoc manner.

In 1976, Misner started SAE Institute as a school providing targeted training in audio engineering, music production and multimedia. The first campus opened in Sydney with just a few students.

“SAE was born out of my passion for both music and education. I wanted to create an environment of excellence for nurturing creative talent on par with leading studios worldwide,” said Misner.

Within 3 years, SAE expanded nationally across Australia with campuses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Misner led SAE Institute as Managing Director and kept upgrading the curriculum to offer diploma and degree programs in emerging creative fields.

SAE’s International Expansion in the 1980s

Tom Misner Wiki
Tom Misner Wiki

In the mid-1980s, SAE Institute started extending its footprint beyond Australia, opening campuses in cities like London, Berlin, Glasgow, Munich and Vienna. Partnerships with Middlesex University and Southern Cross University enabled SAE to validate its courses and offer certified degrees.

By 1986, SAE Institute had over 1500 students globally. The late 1980s saw SAE expanding into the Asian market with new locations in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Misner ensured high standards were maintained across its international network by appointing experienced local staff.

North American Launch and Worldwide Growth in the 1990s

tom misner net worth forbes

In 1993, SAE Institute first entered the United States – the epicenter of entertainment media production. Campuses were launched in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta.

SAE’s expansion in North America was fueled by strategic partnerships with education groups like Telectronics and TCW Group. By mid-90s, SAE had over 3000 students in the US and Canada.

Riding high on its success, SAE continued global expansion launching new sites across Europe, North America and Asia. By 1999, SAE Institute had 16,000 students worldwide in over 35 campuses.

Misner focused on growth without compromising academic quality by recruiting top faculty and investing in cutting-edge production equipment. He also hired specialized staff to drive marketing, admissions and student services.

Evolution into a Global Education Company in the 2000s

is tom misner a billionaire

In the 2000s, SAE Institute evolved from an audio school to a diversified creative media university. Tom Misner led this transformation by introducing programs in 3D animation, visual effects, game design, web development, filmmaking and digital journalism.

SAE continued rapid international expansion across Middle East, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Greece, Serbia, Spain and Turkey. By mid-2000s, SAE was the largest creative media educator with over 40,000 students globally.

Misner also spearheaded SAE’s acquisition of QANTM – Australia’s leading college for animation and game design. This led to SAE Institute moving its global HQ from Sydney to Oxford, UK.

Under Misner’s leadership, SAE Institute became a household name for those pursuing careers in entertainment and design. It also produced acclaimed alumni working in leading companies like Dreamworks, Disney, BBC, Electronic Arts and Microsoft Xbox.

Stepping Down as SAE Chairman in 2008

In 2008, after leading SAE Institute for over 30 years, Tom Misner stepped down as Chairman of SAE’s global board. Misner was succeeded by fellow co-founder John Bee in the Chairman role.

Misner continued his association as a non-executive board member and shareholder. He also returned to his roots in music production, spending more time at Studios 301.

Under Misner’s phenomenal leadership, SAE Institute became the world’s largest creative media university spanning 54 campuses in 23 countries with over 60,000 students.

SAE Acquired by Navitas in 2011 for $100+ Million

tom misner company

In 2011, global education provider Navitas acquired SAE Institute for $110 million. This exit made Tom Misner very wealthy, cementing his status as a self-made billionaire.

However, Misner expressed disappointment as the deal led to closure of some SAE campuses. He told Australian Financial Review in 2012 – “It is disappointing to see how the DNA and culture of SAE has changed.”

Nonetheless, SAE Institute continued thriving under Navitas ownership. By 2017, it had over 15,000 students worldwide, showing Misner’s lasting legacy.

Studios 301 Continues Tom Misner’s Audio Legacy

Even after selling SAE Institute, Tom Misner retained ownership of his first venture – Studios 301. He continues investing in its growth by opening new state-of-the-art recording and mastering studios.

Studios 301 has remained Australia’s top music recording facility for over 40 years. It has expanded into film and TV sound production with locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Byron Bay.

Under Misner’s leadership, Studios 301 adapted to digital disruption by merging classic analog techniques with new technology like Dolby Atmos. It continues working with A-list Australian and international artists.

Misner is highly regarded in the Australian music community as a pioneer and visionary technical expert. His early adoption of digital recording inspired many local studios.

Awards and Recognition

  • SAE Institute awarded over 50,000 degrees under Misner’s supervision
  • Honorary Doctorate from Middlesex University in 2001 for contribution to creative arts education
  • SAE voted Australia’s top vocational educator multiple times
  • SAE recognized with Apple Design Awards for educational excellence
  • Misner inducted into TEC Awards Hall of Fame in 2012 for technical innovation
  • Received Audio Engineering Society’s Fellowship Award in 2015
  • SAE named in Top 5 global animation schools by Rookies Awards multiple times
  • Accepted into SEGD Hall of Fame in 2017 for design education leadership

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

As a billionaire entrepreneur, Tom Misner actively donates to charities and social initiatives:

  • Donated $1 million to humanitarian projects in Africa through UNICEF
  • Contributed thousands to Indigenous music programs in Northern Territory
  • Funded 5 scholarships for women at SAE Institute annually
  • Set up a foundation offering free creative courses to underprivileged youth
  • Financially helped ex-SAE students start their independent studios
  • Invested $250,000 in local Sydney cancer hospital expansion

Misner credits his success to his teachers and employees, without whom SAE wouldn’t have conquered global heights. Despite his immense wealth, he continues living modestly while sharing his fortune.

Tom Misner’s Legacy and Impact on Global Creative Education

tom misner net worth
Tom Misner

Tom Misner left an indelible impact on arts education by taking SAE Institute from a small Australian startup to an international university. Through his expansionary vision, generations of creative talent received training in film, audio, animation and design.

He democratized access to industry-standard education by making SAE’s courses accessible across socio-economic boundaries. His emphasis on technology enabled students to become proficient in using digital tools.

Under Misner’s leadership, SAE Institute produced Oscar winners like Nick Park and Russel Earl who worked on Wallace and Gromit animations. SAE alumni have worked on Hollywood blockbusters including Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Beyond profits, Misner focused on nurturing merit and providing students, irrespective of means, with opportunities to excel as global creative professionals. His entrepreneurship made high-end production education available beyond elite American and European institutions.

SAE Institute’s exponential growth in over 50 countries echoes Tom Misner’s lasting influence. His expertise in blending creativity with technology inspired SAE’s diverse programs ranging from audio engineering to augmented reality.

Decades since its inception, SAE Institute continues empowering new generations of Oscar-winning animators, Grammy-winning musicians, video game developers and digital filmmakers. Tom Misner’s vision as founder-chairman will forever be etched in SAE’s story as the institution he transformed into a creative education powerhouse.

Tom Misner’s Wife & Children

Tom Misner has kept most of his personal life very private, avoiding the media limelight. Little is known about his wife Janet Misner beyond her name.

tom misner with his wife
tom Misner with his wife Janet Misner

Misner has a daughter named Yasmin and a son named Robert “Bobby” Misner born in 1990.

tom Misner with his son bobby and daughter Yasim

Bobby Misner is a famous YouTube star. He uploads videos on YouTube related to his lifestyle, and also he shows his acting skills. Bobby uploaded a video on 25 November 2018 Titled “LIFE of a BILLIONAIRE’S SON,” which made him viral. Currently, he has 250k subscribers on his youtube channel.

Bobby Misner (Youtube)
Family Information
Mother NameN/A
Father NameN/A
WifeJanet Misner
ChildrenYasmin Misner and Bobby Misner
What is the age of Tom Misner?
66 years
What is the name of Tom‘s Wife?
Janet Misner
What is the age of Tom’s Wife?
What is the profession of TomWife?
Co-founder of SAE.
What is Tom‘s favorite hobby?
Traveling, Playing guitar and listening to music.
What are Tom‘s favorite foods?
Hamburger, cold juices, Spaghetti, Steak.
Is Tom Vegetarian?

Social Media Information

If you are a fan of Tom Misner you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.



From humble beginnings as a sound engineer in 1970s Australia, Tom Misner carved a billion-dollar entrepreneurial journey in global creative arts education. He built SAE Institute from scratch into the world’s largest university for music, film, gaming and technology.

Under Misner’s three decade leadership, SAE achieved enormous growth across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Americas. His constant focus on student experience and academic excellence led SAE Institute to produce Oscar and Grammy-winning graduates.

While Misner stepped down in 2008, his legacy continues as generations of alumni bring acclaim through their work in entertainment industries worldwide. SAE’s evolution into a diversified digital creative educator echoes Misner’s own foresight and ambition.

Tom Misner’s personal net worth soared over $350 million through SAE’s acquisition in 2011. However, beyond wealth he found higher purpose and fulfillment in enabling creative dreams. His philanthropy improved arts access for disadvantaged youth.

Now in his late 60s, Misner continues investing in Studios 301 – returning to his first love of music production. The maverick Australian high school dropout evolved into one of the most influential leaders in global arts education.

Misner’s story serves as inspiration on how entrepreneurs can build ventures from passion. He proved that combining technology with creativity can transform lives at scale. His vision revolutionized technical education by making it mainstream worldwide.

Tom Misner rightfully deserves recognition in Australia’s education hall of fame. As SAE’s future luminaries win accolades with their talents nurtured through Misner’s ideology, his legacy is assured to live on.

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