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The hip hop community was recently shaken by the tragic death of up-and-coming rapper Lul Tys, who was shot and killed in Sacramento, California. Lul Tys, whose real name was Tyshawn Jones, was only 20 years old at the time of his death. His promising music career was cut short by senseless gun violence.

In this blog post, we will explore who Lul Tys was, provide details about his death, and look at the aftermath of this devastating loss.

Who Was Lul Tys?

Lul Tys was a rapper from Sacramento, California who was starting to make a name for himself on the West Coast hip hop scene. He first began rapping and making music around 2015 when he was just 15 years old. Lul Tys garnered attention for his unique flow, lyrical wordplay, and high-energy delivery on tracks.

The young rapper built up a strong regional fanbase in Northern California through live performances and releasing mixtapes. His music blended together elements of hyphy, ratchet rap, and G-funk. He often rapped about his rough upbringing, street life, relationships, and having big dreams.

Some of Lul Tys’ most popular tracks included “Dead Oppsk,” “Afterlife,” “What Love Is,” and “Remember Me.” His mixtapes “Still Active” and “Menace to Society” displayed his skills and range as an emerging artist. Lul Tys’ music videos on YouTube regularly got tens of thousands of views.

Just months before his death, Lul Tys spoke about having ambitions to grow his career beyond Sacramento and make connections in Los Angeles and Atlanta. He had a bright future ahead of him in rap music.

Details of Lul Tys’ Death

Details of Lul Tys' Death

On the evening of May 24, 2022, Lul Tys was pronounced dead after being shot in an apartment complex in Sacramento, California. He was only 20 years old at the time. Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots around 9:45 pm.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Lul Tys, whose real name was Tyshawn Jones, lying unresponsive with multiple gunshot wounds. Attempts by first responders to revive him were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics shortly after.

Investigators believe Lul Tys was targeted and that his murder was not a random act of violence. The suspected shooter remains at large. No arrests have been made yet in connection with the homicide. Police are still actively investigating and following leads to identify the perpetrator.

Lul Tys’ death shocked fans and the Sacramento hip hop community. Just hours before he was killed, he had posted an enthusiastic video on Instagram promoting his new single “Big Bank” set to release soon. The next day, his song “Hot Boy” was debuted on local radio after his passing.

Aftermath & Reactions

News of the rising rapper’s tragic murder spread quickly on social media. Many of Lul Tys’ fellow Sacramento artists and collaborators expressed their grief and paid tribute on Twitter and Instagram.

Fans also created a makeshift memorial with candles and messages outside the apartment complex where he was killed. His death underscored the ongoing crisis of gun violence impacting young Black men in Sacramento and hip hop artists nationwide.

On Twitter, tributes poured in celebrating Lul Tys’ music, individuality, and life cut far too short. Fellow Northern California rappers like Mozzy, Lavish D, and ALLBLACK posted eulogies on their social media memorializing him.

Lul Tys’ record label Strictly Business Entertainment also released a statement mourning the loss of an artist they saw as family. His management team was in the process of trying to sign Lul Tys to a major label deal before his untimely passing.

In an emotional Instagram Live video, Lul Tys’ mother spoke about losing her son and not having answers about who murdered him. The family is hoping anyone with information will speak out to help police find his killer.

Sacramento’s Mayor Darrell Steinberg addressed the localized trauma caused by Lul Tys’ homicide and the urgent need to stop cyclical gun violence ravaging the city’s youth and music community.

Meanwhile, Lul Tys’ unreleased music continues to be shared by hip hop blogs and channels on YouTube. There is also talk of posthumous album releases so fans can remember him through the music that defined his all-too-brief time as an emerging force on the rap scene.

Theories Behind Lul Tys’ Death

Theories Behind Lul Tys’ Death

In the weeks after Lul Tys’ unsolved murder, some theories have emerged about why the rapper may have been killed. However, none of these possibilities have been definitely confirmed or connected to any suspects.

Some people speculate that his death may have been linked to street or gang violence. Lul Tys was associated with northern Sacramento neighborhoods like Del Paso Heights that have active gang activity. Also, some of his lyrics discussed dangerous street life.

However, Lul Tys was not known to be an active gang member himself. His manager and family say he largely stayed out of that world to focus on his music career.

Another theory is that his death was caused by some type of rap beef or dispute with another artist. Competition and tension between rappers has been linked to violence before. But there is no evidence so far that Lul Tys had any heated disputes with other acts.

It’s also possible his murder was the result of a personal feud, grudge, or other kind of targeted attack unrelated to his rap career. His family says Lul Tys had no known enemies, but investigators are still looking at all possibilities.

The heartbreaking incident also highlighted Sacramento’s broader issues trying to curb retaliatory shootings, robberies, and homicides involving young victims. Until an arrest is made, the true motive remains a tragic mystery.

Impact on Sacramento’s Hip Hop Community

Lul Tys’ murder sent shockwaves through Sacramento and northern California’s hip hop community. For many local artists, the slaying of a gifted young voice felt like the loss of one of their own.

In the weeks after, tributes to Lul Tys came during concerts and music events across the city. Some aspiring rappers even paid respects by releasing songs about the slain artist taken too soon.

Meanwhile, his death also heightened fears about violence and vulnerabilities facing up-and-coming Sacramento rappers like Lul Tys. Success in hip hop can also breed jealousy, beefs, and target artists for the wrong reasons.

In addition, Lul Tys’ story reflected the limited support systems and protection that young Black creatives have access to while pursuing their art in an unsafe climate.

To prevent another similar tragedy, Sacramento’s rap community is speaking out about the need for better security, resources, mentorship, and conflict resolution for rising talents. More dialogue may be opening up between artists, clubs, police, and community leaders.

The loss of Lul Tys also inspired many local rappers to seriously consider escaping potential threats by relocating to NYC, Atlanta or Los Angeles. However, some say leaving would only surrender Sacramento’s hip hop culture to more violence.

Above all, Sacramento wants Lul Tys to be remembered as a skilled, passionate artist who deserved to live out his musical ambitions without becoming another victim. For the city’s rap community, the focus is now on keeping his legacy alive.


The death of 20-year-old Sacramento rapper Lul Tys was a devastating and untimely loss of an emerging young talent. He was gunned down in a targeted attack before getting the chance to achieve bigger success in hip hop.

Lul Tys’ murder not only robbed his fans and family. It also highlighted the ongoing crisis of gun homicide silencing young Black voices in Sacramento’s creative community.

Until an arrest is made, the motive behind his killing remains unknown. But Lul Tys’ memory lives on through his music and the local artists inspired by his originality and drive. His legacy will not be defined by the violence that took his life.

For Sacramento hip hop, the focus has turned to better protecting and supporting rising talents like Lul Tys. His story shows that realizing artistic dreams requires nurturing safe, sustainable environments for these vulnerable youth.

Ultimately, Lul Tys was an authentic voice cut short far too early. May he rest in peace and power as his music echoes on.

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