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Lucie Wilde is a retired Czech adult model and actor who took the industry by storm with her voluptuous figure, beautiful face, and innocent charm. Known for her incredibly large natural breasts, she rose to fame within months of her debut and became a fan favorite and viral sensation.

Though her career was short, Wilde made a lasting impact and her videos continue to garner millions of views even today.

Lucie Wilde Age

  • Date of Birth: January 11, 1996
  • Current Age: 28 years old (as of 2024)

Lucie Wilde was born in 1996 in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. She began her adult modeling career in 2014 shortly after turning 18. Her meteoric rise to fame as Busty Buffy happened while she was between 18 to 20 years old.

She got pregnant and had a child in 2015 when she was 19. This is the main reason she decided to retire from porn at such a young age to focus on motherhood.

Lucie Wilde Wiki/Bio

Real NameBarbara Dittrichová
NicknameBusty Buffy
Date of BirthJanuary 11, 1996
Age28 Years Old (As of 2024)
Birth PlacePrague, Czech Republic
ProfessionAdult Model, Pornstar
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Lucie Wilde was born on January 11, 1996, in Prague, Czech Republic. Her real name is reported to be Barbara Dittrichová.

Not much is known about her family and upbringing, as she has kept most details private. However, some reports suggest she comes from a middle-class family with caring parents.

As a child, Wilde was introverted and shy. She focused on her studies and had only a few close friends. Though blessed with good looks and attractive features even as a teenager, she remained modest and low-key. It was only later in life that she decided to flaunt her incredible body and looks.

Wilde completed her schooling in Prague and was an above-average student. She was interested in design, arts, and fashion from a young age. After finishing high school, she pursued a degree in fashion design and graduated with merit.

Lucie Wilde Height, Weight and Measurements

Lucie Wilde Height
Height in feet5 feet 6 inches
Height in cm168 cm
Weight in Kg56 kg
Weight in Pounds123.5 lbs
Hair ColorNaturally blonde, dyed brown frequently
Eye ColorBlue
Breast Size34L (75L) natural before reduction
Bra Size75L (34L) European before reduction
Measurements40-26-37 inches

Wilde had an astounding hourglass figure with naturally large breasts contrasted by a slim waist.

Her curves, combined with her angelic face, made her an instant sensation. After her pregnancy, she reduced her breast size to a more manageable 32G European.

Sensational Debut in the Adult Industry

Wilde started her career in adult modeling in January 2014, shortly after turning 18. She took the industry by storm with her very first photoshoot with DDF Busty on January 31, 2014.

Fans were awestruck by her perfect hourglass figure, slim waist, round hips, and most of all – her huge natural breasts.

Though bashful and shy in real life, Wilde exuded confidence and sexiness in her debut nude photoshoot. Her sensual gaze, innocent smile, and calm demeanor only added to her charm. She became an overnight sensation in the adult world.

What made Wilde truly exceptional was that her colossal 34L (75L European) breasts were completely natural. This was almost unheard of in the industry with most models opting for breast enhancements.

Wilde’s natural breasts became her biggest asset and a key part of her identity.

Exclusive Shoots Under Busty Buffy Alias

Lucie Wilde age

After her smash hit debut, Wilde continued doing exclusive photo and video shoots for adult websites. She took on the alias ‘Busty Buffy’ that highlighted her most prominent features.

Under this name, she did exclusive shoots for Bo^bsRealm, LegalPorno, XX-Cel, and more top websites.

Fans loved Wilde’s innocence and shy charm mixed with her curvaceous figure. She mostly did solo mast^rbation scenes focused entirely on her glorious bre^sts.

Her shoots as Busty Buffy garnered millions of views and cemented her status as the number one busty model in Europe. Websites featuring her content crashed repeatedly due to excessive traffic.

Hardcore Shoots and Films

Though starting off with only n^de modeling, Wilde soon ventured into hardcore shoots in February 2014. Her first few scenes were with her boyfriend Argo who was also her manager at the time. Fans loved their intimate chemistry on camera.

She went on to do scenes with many top male p^rnstars including Mike Angelo, Matt Ice, Steve Q, Lance Hardwood, and others.

Though Wilde performed ably, she admitted in interviews that she did not particularly enjoy s^x on camera. She saw it more as a job and a way to earn good money quickly.

Lucie Wilde Boyfriend and Relationships

Lucie Wilde Boyfriend

Lucie Wilde was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Argo when she entered the adult industry. Argo was the one who pushed her to model n^de and also became her manager. This led to some friction in their relationship over time.

Some unconfirmed reports suggest that Argo was controlling and spent Wilde’s earnings irresponsibly on himself. In mid-2014, Argo was jailed for drunk driving charges, leaving Wilde on her own.

During this time, Wilde revealed that she had become pregnant with Argo’s child. The pregnancy was unplanned and a shock to her. She took some time off from shoots as a result.

After Argo was released, he remained absent from Wilde’s and their baby’s life. But fortunately, around this time, she met another man who fell in love with her. He provided support during her pregnancy and agreed to raise the child as his own.

Sudden Retirement

Wilde retired quite suddenly from p^rn in 2015, barely a year into her career. By then she had become wildly famous as one of the top busty stars in Europe. So her decision came as a major surprise to industry insiders and fans.

In interviews later on, Wilde cited a few reasons for retiring – being uncomfortable with s^x on camera, wanting to focus on raising her child, and disillusionment after her breakup with Argo.

She also revealed that her breasts became smaller after pregnancy and she was very self-conscious about this change. Though still buxom, she felt her breast size was no longer as appealing. She ended up getting a breast reduction surgery to make them more manageable.

Overall, Wilde realized that the AV industry was not a long-term career choice for her. Though she earned a substantial amount, she wanted to move on to more meaningful avenues. She continues to be retired from the adult industry to date.

Popularity and Legacy

Lucie Wilde bio

Though Lucie Wilde was active in the AV industry only briefly, she made a lasting impact and carved a unique niche for herself. With her unbelievable natural bosom and innocent smile, she stood out from the clutter of busty p^rnstars with fake breasts.

Wilde managed to achieve huge fame within a short span. She garnered a dedicated fan following across Europe. Many fans consider her to be one of the greatest natural busty AV stars of all time.

Even today, years after retiring, her videos get millions of views on sites. She is remembered as a sensational beauty with a perfect hourglass figure. Wilde proved that she could be sexy and confident despite being shy.

Some of her feats include:

  • Over 110,000 followers on Twitter
  • Around 50 p^rn videos that have amassed over 150 million views
  • Featured in listicles of greatest busty models by publications like XXL Magazine

Though no longer active in the AV industry, Wilde’s legendary body and sensational scenes continue to drive traffic to ad^lt websites. Her name lives on among connoisseurs of voluptuous AV Actresses.

Lucie Wilde’s Net Worth

Though her porn career was short-lived from 2014 to 2015, Lucie Wilde earned quite a substantial amount during her heydays as Busty Buffy. Her enormous fame and popularity enabled her to command high prices for her photoshoots and videos.

According to estimates, Wilde’s net worth is around $500,000 to $600,000. This is remarkable considering she was active in the adult industry for less than two years.

Some of the factors contributing to her high net worth:

  • Earned up to $4000 per photo shoot and up to $8000 for hardcore videos
  • Had over 50 premium videos and 100 photo sets as Busty Buffy
  • Massive traffic to her sites – generated over 100 million video views
  • Received bonuses from websites for boosting subscriptions
  • Charged premium rates due to her uniqueness and demand
  • Managed to save and invest a substantial portion of income

Additionally, Lucie received considerable income from promotions and endorsements during her modeling career. She promoted adult toy stores, lingerie brands, apparel lines, and more.

After retirement, her income reduced drastically but the savings from her heydays continue to sustain her today. She no longer relies on her Lucie Wilde identity for earnings. Though retired young, she was able to build up a respectable net worth.

Where is Lucie Wilde Now?

Where is Lucie Wilde Now?

Ever since her retirement in 2015, Wilde has avoided the spotlight. She maintains a very low profile away from social media. Reportedly, she is focused on raising her daughter (born in 2015) as a single mother.

Some speculative reports suggest she may have returned to school to pursue a graduate degree. But there is no concrete information about her current career or location. She guards her privacy fiercely.

On her social media profiles, the last updates are all from 2015 indicating she has moved on completely from her past identity. She seems to have left her Lucie Wilde alter ego behind.

Quick Facts About Lucie Wilde:

  • Her bra cup size was 75L(HH) European at peak, equivalent to 34L in US sizing
  • Stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed around 123 pounds
  • Natural blonde though she often dyed her hair brown
  • Did not have any tattoos or piercings
  • Worked exclusively with European p^rn studios, never shot in US
  • Fluent in Czech, Slovak and English
  • Her hobbies include painting, writing poetry, yoga, and dance
  • Has done some runway modeling gigs before entering in the AV industry


In conclusion, Lucie Wilde was a sensational adult model who took the industry by storm with her natural curves and innocent charm. She had a short but memorable career under her alias Busty Buffy.

Wilde will always be remembered for her record-breaking 34L bust that was completely natural. Though she retired unexpectedly in 2015, her videos and photoshoots continue to garner new fans every day.

Wilde proved that she was more than just her incredible body and left a lasting legacy. Her story illustrates the highs and lows of the p^rn industry that she navigated at a very young age.

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