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Anna Kanyuk is a rising social media star and entrepreneur from Russia who has gained massive popularity through her flexible body and viral videos. She is the founder and CEO of Top Stretching Company, which operates 15 fitness studios across Russia focused on flexibility training.

In this extensive article, we will explore Anna’s biography, age, family background, career highlights, social media fame, net worth, personal life, fun facts and more.

Anna Kanyuk Biography and Wiki

Anna Kanyuk was born on July 29, 1995, in Moscow, Russia. She was raised in Moscow in a middle-class family. Her father Sergey Kanyuk worked as an engineer while her mother Olga Kanyuk was a school teacher.

Anna has one younger sister named Irina who is a fashion designer. From a young age, Anna was fascinated with gymnastics and flexibility training. She started taking classes in rhythmic gymnastics at age 6.

Anna Kanyuk Age
anna kanyuk wikipedia

Anna attended a sports oriented high school where she continued honing her skills in gymnastics and acrobatics. After graduating high school, she enrolled in a local university where she majored in Sports Management.

During her college days, Anna started participating in amateur fitness competitions. She also began posting videos of her flexibility routines on social media which quickly went viral. This led Anna to realize that she could make a career combining her love for fitness and social media influence.

In 2014, at the age of 19, Anna launched her Instagram page and YouTube channel focused on fitness and flexibility. She regularly posts stretching tutorials, workout tips, healthy recipes, beauty hacks and lifestyle vlogs.

Anna’s content struck a chord with fitness enthusiasts. Within a few years, she had amassed over a million dedicated followers across social media platforms.

Anna Kanyuk Age

Anna Kanyuk Career

Anna Kanyuk celebrates her birthday on the 29th of July, and she was born in 1995. She is 28 years old. Anna’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Full NameAnna Sergeyevna Kanyuk
BirthdayJuly 29, 1995
Age28 Years Old
Sun SignLeo
HometownMoscow, Russia
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Years Active2014-Present

Anna Kanyuk Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Anna Kanyuk has an athletic physique thanks to years of gymnastics and fitness training. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall (172 cm) and weighs around 123 lbs (56 kg). Her vital body statistics measure 34-26-36 inches (breast-waist-hips).

Anna has inherited stunning Russian features with dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin tone. She has no tattoos on her body.

Height in Centimeters172 cm
Height in Meters1.72 m
Height in Inches5 feet 8 inches
Weight In Kilograms 56 Kg
Weight In Pounds123 lbs
Body Measurements34-26-36 inches
Bra size32B
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Anna Kanyuk Family Details

Anna Kanyuk was born to middle-class Russian parents in Moscow. Her father Sergey Kanyuk worked as an engineer while her mother Olga was a school teacher. Anna has revealed little about her family and keeps this part of her life private.

According to some online sources, Anna has a younger sister named Irina who is a fashion designer based in Moscow. Irina sometimes makes guest appearances on Anna’s Instagram and YouTube.

Anna Kanyuk Family Details

In 2015, during her college years, Anna met her future husband Dmitriy Buteo at a sports competition. Dmitriy was an athlete and fitness trainer. The two dated for 3 years before getting married in 2018.

Anna and Dmitriy reside in Moscow along with their daughter Gia who was born in 2020. The family leads a private low profile life while maintaining busy careers in fitness.

Anna Kanyuk Education and Early Life

Anna Kanyuk was born in Moscow, Russia on July 29, 1995. From a young age, she was drawn to sports and athletics.

At the age of 6, Anna started taking rhythmic gymnastics classes at a local sports school. She showed great flexibility and dedication. By the time she was 10, Anna was competing in regional gymnastics tournaments.

For high school, Anna enrolled into a sports-oriented educational program that allowed her to continue training in gymnastics and acrobatics. She remained active in local fitness competitions during her teenage years.

Anna Kanyuk Education and Early Life

After completing high school, Anna joined a Physical Education university in Moscow. She majored in Sports Management with the goal of eventually opening her own fitness training center.

During her college years, Anna began participating in amateur fitness modeling competitions. She also started posting flexibility workout videos on Instagram and YouTube which quickly gained traction.

Seeing the potential for social media influence in the fitness space, 19-year-old Anna decided to fully focus on growing her online presence. This marked the start of her professional career as an influencer and entrepreneur.

Anna Kanyuk Social Media Fame

Anna Kanyuk’s social media fame originated from her captivating flexibility and workout videos. Let’s look at her popularity on Instagram and YouTube:

Anna Kanyuk Instagram

Anna Kanyuk Net Worth

Anna Kanyuk’s Instagram account (@anna_kanyuk) has gained massive popularity with over 1.4 million dedicated followers. She often trends for her eye-catching flexibility videos.

Anna’s Instagram posts highlight her advanced stretching routines, workout tips, healthy recipes, beauty hacks and lifestyle vlogs. Each of her posts easily garners between 30K to 50K likes.

Anna has leveraged her large Instagram following to promote her fitness brand, collab with brands like Puma and Adidas, and get featured in Russian magazines.

Anna Kanyuk YouTube

On her self-titled YouTube channel, Anna Kanyuk has amassed over 60K subscribers. She uploads weekly vlogs providing a glimpse into her daily life.

Anna’s most popular YouTube videos showcase advanced flexibility exercises and splits routines. Her viral stretching video with over 2 million views shows her closing a car trunk using her extremely flexible legs.

Anna often collaborates with her sister Irina and other social media influencers for interesting YouTube challenges and Q&As. She gives fans fitness inspiration through her YouTube channel.

Thanks to her strong social media presence and influencer marketing endeavors, Anna has become a youth icon and internet sensation in Russia.

Anna Kanyuk Viral Car Video

One video that truly catapulted Anna into virality was her flexibility video closing a car trunk with her legs. Here are some key facts about this viral clip:

  • Originally posted on her Instagram account in March 2021
  • The video shows Anna stretching her legs into a full side split to close the trunk of a car using her feet while her hands are full holding her daughter
  • This advanced display of flexibility and leg stretch impressed millions of viewers
  • The Instagram reel garnered 9 million views within the first few hours of posting
  • It became a trending video across social platforms like TikTok and Twitter gaining over 8000 retweets
  • As of today, the original Instagram reel has over 15 million views and 120K comments
  • The video introduced Anna to new audiences globally leading to massive growth of her social profiles
  • It still remains one of her most iconic viral videos with fans and media outlets

Anna’s insanely flexible leg split that allowed her to casually close the car trunk with her feet made her an overnight internet star. It spotlighted her exceptional stretching skills.

Anna Kanyuk Entrepreneurship and Brand

Leveraging her social media influence and passion for fitness, Anna Kanyuk founded her own company Top Stretching in 2016 at the young age of 21.

Top Stretching is a popular fitness brand that focuses on flexibility training, TRX, CrossFit and other specialized workout programs. It operates 15 brick-and-mortar gym locations across major Russian cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

As CEO of Top Stretching, Anna oversees branding, partnerships, trainer hiring, franchise expansion and promotions. Under her leadership, Top Stretching has emerged as Russia’s premier flexibility training destination.

She often uses her social media platforms to promote Top Stretching’s classes, merchandise, subscriptions and events. This provides the company access to Anna’s millions of engaged followers.

Anna also launched the Top Stretching app featuring flexibility workout videos and training routines. As a successful young entrepreneur, she has been featured in several business magazines.

Anna Kanyuk Husband and Personal Life

Anna likes to keep her personal relationships out of the spotlight. But she has shared some glimpses into her private life through social media.

In 2015 during her college days, Anna started dating an athlete named Dmitriy Buteo. After being in a 3 year relationship, Anna and Dmitriy got married in 2018.

Anna’s husband Dmitriy is a fitness trainer who provides coaching for athletes and gym-goers. The couple both share a love for health, wellness and exercise.

Anna Kanyuk Husband and Personal Life

Anna and Dmitriy reside in a home in Moscow along with their daughter Gia who was born in 2020. On her Instagram, Anna occasionally posts family pictures including adorable moments with her toddler.

But overall, Anna remains tight-lipped regarding her family and relationships. She prefers keeping this aspect separate from her influencer persona.

Anna Kanyuk’s Net Worth

Anna Kanyuk Height

Anna has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024. Her income comes primarily from the following sources:

  • Her fitness brand Top Stretching Company which earns revenue through gym memberships, merchandise sales, app subscriptions and franchising
  • Sponsored content, collaborations and endorsements with fitness brands on social media leveraging her 1.4 million Instagram followers and 460K YouTube subscribers
  • Appearances, interviews and feature articles with Russian magazines and media outlets
  • Affiliate marketing commissions from promoting health products on her website and social media
  • Google AdSense earnings from her monetized YouTube videos

Additionally, Anna makes income from modeling and acting projects. With her rising popularity and expanding business ventures, Anna’s net worth is slated to grow in the coming years cementing her status as a top female entrepreneur and influencer from Russia.

Anna Kanyuk Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Anna’s zodiac sign is Leo. She exhibits Leo traits of being confident, ambitious and encouraging.
  • Orange is her favorite color.
  • She loves traveling and keeps 10% of her earnings for vacation trips. Dubai is her favorite travel spot.
  • Vin Diesel and Jennifer Aniston are her celebrity crushes.
  • She enjoys watching action and romantic comedy movies in free time.
  • Anna is fond of animals. She owns two pet cats named Pepper and Caramel.
  • Her go-to cheat meal is a cheeseburger with fries and milkshake.
  • Anna is an avid reader and learns new languages as a hobby.
  • She does yoga and meditation daily for mental well-being.
  • If not an influencer, Anna would have pursued a career as a professional gymnast or dancer.

Anna Kanyuk: Inspiration for Youth

Anna Kanyuk: Inspiration for Youth

At the young age of 28, Anna has made her mark as a top fitness influencer, entrepreneur and youth icon. She serves as a true inspiration for young girls and women.

Some key ways Anna inspires her fans:

  • Displays tremendous dedication to health and fitness from childhood
  • Embraces her passion for gymnastics and flexibility
  • Leverages social media to build a personal brand and business around her interests
  • Launched a successful company Top Stretching at just 21 years old
  • Manages a growing business while also being a hands-on mom
  • Promotes messages of body positivity and self-confidence through her content
  • Shares her authentic self online to foster a connection with followers
  • Remains humble and grateful for her achievements
  • Encourages young people to pursue their dreams with hard work

Anna proves that with consistent hard work, passion and determination, one can achieve great success even at a young age. She serves as a role model for ambitious youth.

FAQs about Anna Kanyuk

How old is Anna Kanyuk?

Anna Kanyuk is 28 years old.

How tall is Anna Kanyuk?

Anna Kanyuk is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm tall.

Is Anna Kanyuk married?

Yes, Anna Kanyuk is married.

What is Anna Kanyuk’s net worth?

Anna Kanyuk’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.


To summarize, Anna Kanyuk is a rising young social media influencer and entrepreneur who has gained immense fame in Russia for her flexibility skills and viral videos. She founded the popular fitness brand Top Stretching Company which operates 15 gyms focused on specialized flexibility training.

With over 1.4 million Instagram followers and 60K YouTube subscribers, Anna leverages her social media presence to promote health and fitness. She serves as an inspiration for girls to remain dedicated to their dreams.

Anna’s sensational car trunk video highlighted her exceptional stretching capabilities making her a global internet sensation. She enjoys a blissful personal life with husband Dmitriy Buteo and their daughter.

At just 28, Anna has achieved remarkable success as a top influencer and businesswoman with an estimated net worth between $500K-$800K. She remains committed to growing her brand while making a positive impact through social media.

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