Who is Wendy Rossmeyer? Timothy Van Patten’s Wife

Wendy Rossmeyer is an American businesswoman, philanthropist and former model best known as the wife of acclaimed television director Timothy Van Patten. She comes from a prominent family with deep ties to the motorcycle industry, particularly Harley-Davidson.

Our expert editors have thoroughly researched Wendy Rossmeyer’s background to provide readers with the most comprehensive profile on this intriguing figure.

Early Life and Family

Wendy Rossmeyer was born in the 1960s to parents Bruce and Patricia Rossmeyer. Her father Bruce was a successful businessman who built a motorcycle dealership empire centered around Harley-Davidson.

The Rossmeyers operated numerous dealerships across Florida, including the iconic Destination Daytona complex. Bruce’s success earned him the nickname “Harley-Davidson king of Florida.”

Wendy was born in New York but later relocated to Florida with her family. She has at least one sibling, a brother named Bruce Rossmeyer Jr.

Growing up, Wendy was immersed in motorcycle culture. However, she would eventually pursue her own path in modeling and acting.

Modeling and Acting Career

Who is Wendy Rossmeyer

In her youth, Wendy Rossmeyer leveraged her natural beauty to build a modeling career. She appeared in fashion shows, print ads and magazine covers through the 1970s and 80s.

One of her most notable modeling gigs was landing on the cover of Seventeen magazine’s March 1983 issue. She was also featured in a spread in the November 1989 issue of Playboy magazine.

Beyond modeling, Wendy dabbled in acting. She made cameo appearances in hit shows like Sex and the City and movies like Class of 1984.

However, she seemed to retire from modeling and acting shortly after marrying director Timothy Van Patten in 1996. She has since focused on business and family.

Marriage and Family


In May 1996, Wendy married Timothy Van Patten, a director, actor and screenwriter known for his work on The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Pacific and other hit shows.

Timothy comes from a prominent Hollywood family. His father is actor Dick Van Patten, making him the nephew of actress Joyce Van Patten and actor Vincent Van Patten.

Wendy and Timothy have two daughters together – Grace and Anna Van Patten. Both have followed in the family footsteps into acting careers.

Grace in particular is an up-and-coming star with roles in acclaimed films like The Meyerowitz Stories and miniseries like Nine Perfect Strangers. Wendy has been a constant source of support as Grace navigates the pressures of young stardom.

Despite Timothy’s success, Wendy has maintained a relatively low profile and kept their family life private. She seems to enjoy avoiding the spotlight and being a dedicated mother.

Business Endeavors

Wendy Rossmeyer bio

Drawing on her family’s motorcycle heritage, Wendy Rossmeyer owns two Harley-Davidson dealerships in New York – Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson in Kingston and Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson in Rhinebeck.

She acquired the dealerships after the passing of her father, who built the family’s motorcycle empire. Wendy has upheld her father’s legacy and commitment to the Harley brand.

Under her ownership, the two dealerships have thrived thanks to Wendy’s business acumen and passion for motorcycles. They offer sales, servicing and parts for Harley enthusiasts in the region.

Beyond her dealerships, Wendy has followed in her family’s tradition of philanthropy. She engages in fundraising and volunteer work for various charitable causes, often alongside her daughters.

Wendy Rossmeyer’s Net Worth

There are no official estimates of Wendy Rossmeyer’s net worth. However, it is safe to assume she enjoys significant wealth between her family inheritance, married life with Timothy Van Patten, business endeavors and previous modeling career.

Most sources estimate her net worth could be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. However, her wealth is likely distributed across various assets and holdings, making its full extent difficult to confirm.


In summary, Wendy Rossmeyer is an intriguing figure who straddles the worlds of business, philanthropy and entertainment. Her marriage to Timothy Van Patten united two prominent families, while her ownership of Harley dealerships continued her own family’s legacy. She may prefer to avoid the spotlight, but there is no denying Wendy Rossmeyer’s unique story and connections.

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