Sierra Taylor (Queen Opp) Wiki, Age, Net Worth & Full Bio

Sierra Taylor, also known as Queen Opp, is an American influencer and music artist who has been embroiled in controversy recently. She rose to fame through her online presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where she posts lifestyle content with her girlfriend. However, she landed in hot waters when she was allegedly caught abusing and harassing another woman named Chelle on an Instagram live video.

Let’s take a deep dive into Sierra’s life and explore her biography, career, personal relationships, legal issues, and other intriguing details.

Quick Facts About Sierra Taylor (Queen Opp)

Full NameSierre Michelle Taylor
NicknameQueen Opp
AgeEarly 20s (Estimated)
BirthdayNot known
Zodiac signUnknown
OccupationYouTuber, TikTok Creator, Influencer, Music Artist
Years Active2017-present
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with Dani
Net Worth$1 Million (Estimated)

Early Life & Background

Queen Opp

While most details about Sierra’s early life are unclear, some sources suggest she was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents’ identities remain unknown as she has never publicly spoken about her family. Sierra seems to have had an average upbringing and education.

She graduated from a local high school in Philadelphia sometime in the late 2010s. After finishing school, Sierra decided to pursue a career as an influencer and content creator. She was drawn towards entertaining people on social media through funny videos and vlogs.

In 2017, when Sierra was likely in her late teens, she started her journey as a social media star by creating a YouTube channel. She began posting lifestyle videos, challenges, pranks, and other fun content for her subscribers. Sierra also built a fan following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

However, Sierra found her claim to fame when she started a YouTube channel with her girlfriend Dani a few years ago. Their vlogs and videos depicting their romantic relationship earned them a dedicated audience. Sierra prefers keeping most aspects of her early life private but she seems to have had a normal, middle-class upbringing before turning into an internet celebrity.

Rise to Fame on YouTube & TikTok

Queen Opp age

Sierra Taylor, aka Queen Opp, has gained considerable fame and popularity through her social media presence, especially YouTube and TikTok. She runs a successful YouTube channel with her girlfriend Dani, where they post vlogs, Q&As, challenges, music videos, and other content about their life as a couple.

Their channel currently boasts over 20,000 subscribers, indicating their growing fanbase. Some of their most viewed videos feature the girls doing girlfriend tag questions, taking personality tests together, doing yoga challenges, and celebrating their anniversaries.

On TikTok, Sierra has over 50,000 followers and her videos have received 2 million likes. She usually posts fun lip-syncing videos, dance clips, POV story times, and other light-hearted content. Sierra’s bubbly personality combined with her talent for music and entertainment make her videos engaging for fans.

Sierra’s fame on YouTube and TikTok landed her brand sponsorships and collaborations too. She has promoted products from fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Mint Swim, and Boux Avenue. She also endorses offerings from companies like FabFitFun, HelloFresh, and Audible.

As an influencer, Sierra earns decent income through paid content, promotions, affiliate marketing, and other monetization methods. Besides her online fame, she also makes rap/hip-hop music under the name Queen Opp. Her songs are available on platforms like SoundCloud.

Career as a Music Artist & Income Sources

Sierra Taylor wiki

Apart from being a social media celebrity, Sierra Taylor has a flourishing career as a rap and hip-hop music artist. Under the stage name Queen Opp, she writes, produces, and releases her own songs in the rap genre. Sierra seems to have a natural flair for music, especially rapping, as evidenced by her tracks.

Some of her popular songs include “Pop My Shit”, “Hot Girl Bummer Remix”, “Beatbox Freestyle”, and “Period Ah!”. She mainly releases her music through SoundCloud but also uses YouTube and social media to showcase her talent. Sierra has a unique style that her fans love.

As per estimates, Sierra Taylor’s net worth is around $1 million. Her income comes from varied sources:

  • YouTube monetization through video ads and sponsorships
  • Brand promotions and collaborations on Instagram
  • TikTok Creator Fund for top creators
  • Music streaming royalties from platforms like SoundCloud
  • Affiliate marketing for products like FabFitFun boxes
  • Merchandise featuring her brand and music

Sierra seems to earn a comfortable living through her social media presence and entertainment career. Besides monetary income, she also gains perks like free products, event invites, food and stays at luxury hotels, and other benefits. With her rising fame and music career, Sierra’s net worth will likely grow in the future.

Personal Life & Relationship with Dani

Sierra Taylor Relationship with Dani

While Sierra Taylor keeps most aspects of her personal life private, it is known that she has been in a romantic relationship with her girlfriend Dani for a few years now. The two women frequently collaborate on YouTube videos and showcase their love and life together to followers.

Dani’s real name appears to be Daniella. She is also a social media influencer with over 30,000 TikTok fans of her own. Together, Sierra and Dani seem to be in a happy, stable relationship. They can be seen traveling to fun locations, enjoying parties and events, and doing creative content as a couple.

Both women prefer keeping their families and individual personal lives out of the spotlight. Very little is known about their respective backgrounds, families, or past relationships and dating history. Based on some of their videos, it appears Sierra and Dani have been together for at least 2-3 years now.

They share an apartment where they live with their two pet cats. The couple seems to enjoy documentating their adventures together through vlogs and videos. They appear very much in love and committed to each other. Sierra often expresses her gratitude for having Dani as her partner and rock.

Controversy Over Alleged Abuse of Chelle

In September 2022, Sierra Taylor sparked major controversy and outrage when she allegedly abused another woman identified as Chelle during an Instagram live session. The incident brought intense public scrutiny and even police intervention upon Sierra.

Reports suggest that Sierra and Dani were on Instagram live when they forced Chelle, whose full name appears to be Michelle Jones, to get permanent tattoos. They also allegedly made Chelle eat something horrific as part of her punishment. The video showed Chelle sporting bruises on her face, hinting at prior physical abuse too.

Many of Sierra and Dani’s Instagram followers witnessed this disturbing incident live and proceeded to file complaints against them. Soon after, the police arrested the couple on charges of domestic violence and harassment based on the public tip-offs. Sierra’s actions caused her to face massive backlash online.

People called her out for taking advantage of her social media influence and fanbase to mistreat others. Many of her longtime fans also turned against Sierra, expressing disappointment in her behavior. While full details around the circumstances are unclear, Sierra’s controversial treatment of Chelle in the video attracted widespread condemnation.

This was not her first brush with such allegations – back in 2012, she was accused of assaulting a woman named Michelle. However, Sierra does not seem to have faced any legal penalties for that previous incident. This time, the availability of live video evidence appeared to seal her fate. Sierra’s arrest indicates she is being held accountable by authorities for her actions.

Arrest & Legal Troubles in 2022

Following the live Instagram incident, Sierra Taylor was arrested by the police in September 2022 on charges of domestic violence and harassment. Her girlfriend Dani was also taken into custody for participating in the abuse of Chelle online. Their actions were deemed criminal based on evidence from the live video.

While complete case details are not public, investigations seemed to find Sierra guilty of the following:

  • Physical assault and battery – Chelle was shown with bruises and injuries, hinting Sierra had hit her previously.
  • Forced body modifications – Sierra apparently made Chelle get tattoos against her consent.
  • Forced consumption – She allegedly made Chelle eat something extremely disgusting and unsafe.
  • Psychological torture – Her bullying and controlling behavior caused mental trauma.
  • Using social media for abuse – Conducting everything live worsened the abuse.

Based on these factors, the authorities arrested Sierra and Dani. Sierra was likely presented in court and may be awaiting trial now. If convicted, she could face years in prison and heavy penalties. Sierra also faces wrath and rejection from her fanbase and sponsors.

Her once-rising career as an influencer seems to have taken a nosedive. While Sierra has not made any statement regarding her arrest yet, her actions have jeopardized her public image and reputation considerably. For now, justice seems to be taking its course as she faces repercussions for the alleged crimes.

Sierra Taylor Net Worth & Income Sources

Despite her young age, Sierra Taylor has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million already. Let’s examine the key income sources fueling her wealth:

YouTube Earnings

  • Has 20,000+ subscribers
  • Views per video range from 50,000 – 250,000
  • Earns $3 – $7 per 1,000 video views
  • Estimated monthly earnings of $3,000 – $5,000

Sponsored Content

  • Paid sponsorships with brands on social media
  • Past brand deals include FashionNova, FabFitFun, HelloFresh, etc.
  • Likely earns $5,000 – $10,000 per sponsored post or video

TikTok Creator Fund

  • Has over 50,000 fans on TikTok
  • Qualified for TikTok Creator Fund program
  • Can earn up to $5,000 per month based on views

Music Royalties

  • Earns streaming royalties from her songs and music
  • Has tracks on platforms like SoundCloud
  • Royalties estimated to be ~$30,000 annually

Merchandise Sales

  • Sells her own branded merch like t-shirts
  • Profit margins ~$5 per item sold
  • Merch estimated to bring ~$15,000 yearly

Affiliate Marketing

  • Earns commission promoting products like FabFitFun boxes
  • Typical affiliate commission is ~15% per sale
  • Extra annual income from affiliate links estimated at $7,000 – $10,000

Factoring in all these streams, Sierra Taylor seems to earn between $200,000 – $300,000 annually. Her net worth is likely around $1 million presently. However, with her recent controversies, her future income potential faces uncertainty.

Fun Facts About Sierra Taylor

  • She loves getting tattoos and has 10+ arts inked on her body.
  • Sierra enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water rafting adventures.
  • She had a pet cat named Selena who sadly passed away in 2021.
  • Her favorite food is mac and cheese.
  • Sierra has named Nicki Minaj and Cardi B as her inspirations.
  • She took brief dance lessons as a teenager.
  • Sierra prefers chilled beer and fruity cocktails over hard liquor.
  • She has modeled for some brands like BoutineLA in the past.
  • Sierra allegedly used to work as a bartender and server years ago.
  • Her dream travel destination is Santorini in Greece.

Sierra Taylor on YouTube and Social Media

Sierra has a strong presence across major social media platforms:


She and Dani share a joint YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers. They post vlogs, challenges, Q&As, music content, and more.


She is active with 50,000+ followers under the handle @queenopp_. Sierra posts fashion, travel, and relationship updates.


She shares fun videos on TikTok under @queenopp and has over 50,000 fans there.


Sierra is on Twitter under the username @QueenOpp but doesn’t use it much. She has around 2,000 followers.


Her rap songs and music are released through her SoundCloud account under the name Queen Opp.

Even with her recent troubles, Sierra retains a noticeable social media footprint through her YouTube fame and music persona. However, her engagement and views have declined post the controversy.

Key Takeaways About Sierra Taylor

  • Sierra Taylor is an American influencer and music artist known as Queen Opp.
  • She gained popularity through her YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram profiles.
  • Sierra appears to earn around $200k to $300k yearly through online monetization.
  • She has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Dani.
  • In September 2022, she was arrested for allegedly abusing another woman on live video.
  • The arrest has damaged her public reputation and career prospects.
  • Sierra seems to prefer keeping her early life and family history very private.
  • She has a budding music career and releases rap songs under Queen Opp.
  • Her net worth is estimated at approximately $1 million dollars.
  • Sierra faces an uncertain future following her abusive conduct coming to light.


In summary, Sierra Taylor is a young American influencer and music artist who achieved social media fame but also attracted controversy due to allegations of abuse. She exhibits a trend of keeping her private life guarded while showcasing her relationship and lifestyle online.

Sierra positions herself as an entertainer through YouTube, TikTok and rap music content. She claims a net worth of around $1 million from her endeavors so far. However, her recent arrest for assault and harassment could limit her career and public image going forward. The future remains uncertain for this polarizing internet celebrity.

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