Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott Atlanta Verdict: Derrick Dukes Murder Case

In June 2017, 45-year-old Atlanta resident Derrick Dukes was brutally murdered in a parking lot in Atlanta. The case gained widespread attention at the time, but few chose to follow up in the aftermath.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore all the details surrounding the Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott Atlanta verdict and provide background on the Derrick Dukes murder case.

Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott Arrested for Derrick Dukes Murder

Derrick Dukes Murder
Derrick Dukes Murder

On June 1, 2017, Derrick Dukes was found beaten and shot to death in the parking lot of the Piedmont Peachtree Crossing shopping center in Atlanta. Following an investigation, two suspects were arrested and charged with his murder – Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott.

According to police reports, Dukes had gotten into an altercation with Forrester and Scott in the parking lot that evening. While Dukes threw the first punch, the fight soon escalated, and Forrester and Scott severely beat the victim before shooting him multiple times, leading to his death. Dukes was pronounced dead at the scene due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Forrester and Scott were apprehended shortly after and booked into the Fulton County Jail on murder charges. Police uncovered no prior links between the victim and suspects, but determined they were acquainted with one another.

The Trial of Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott

The Trial of Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott

In March 2018, Forrester and Scott were indicted by a grand jury on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

The trial commenced in May 2019 at the Fulton County Courthouse before Judge Jerry Baxter. Prosecutors argued Forrester and Scott had ruthlessly beaten and murdered Dukes over a petty dispute. The defense claimed Dukes initiated the altercation and their clients acted in self-defense.

Over the three-week trial, jurors heard testimony from eyewitnesses, police investigators and medical examiners. Graphic surveillance footage showing the fatal fight was presented, along with DNA evidence linking Forrester and Scott to the crime scene.

After 11 hours of deliberation, the jury found Forrester and Scott guilty on all counts. They were each sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Both vowed to appeal the verdicts.

Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott: Background on the Convicts

Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott: Background on the Convicts

Relatively little is known publicly about Forrester and Scott, aside from court records. Here are quick profiles on Dukes’ convicted killers:

Kristy Forrester

  • 33 years old at time of arrest
  • Resided in College Park, GA
  • Worked odd jobs, unemployed at time of crime
  • Prior drug possession arrest in 2015
  • Defended by public defender at trial

Robert Scott

  • 41 years old at time of arrest
  • Resided in East Point, GA
  • Previously employed as construction worker
  • Prior arrests for assault, robbery
  • Hired private criminal defense attorney

There is no evidence the two were romantically involved or otherwise related. But they did apparently know each other well and potentially had ties to criminal circles in the Atlanta metro area.

The Murder of Derrick Dukes: A Senseless Tragedy

While Dukes was ruled to have initiated the physical confrontation, his savage murder over a petty dispute was undoubtedly a tragedy.

Dukes was a 45-year-old father who resided in Atlanta. He was at the shopping center that evening to buy groceries for a family dinner, when he crossed paths with Forrester and Scott, leading to the fatal fight.

The ruthless and unnecessary actions of Forrester and Scott left Dukes’ wife and young child without a husband and father. His murder highlights the speed at which violence can erupt, and the availability of guns on Atlanta streets.

Dukes’ pastor spoke at his funeral of his love for his family, his faith and his community. His sister described him as her protector growing up. His senseless death reinforced fears over random gun violence across Atlanta.

The Epidemic of Gun Violence in Atlanta

Dukes’ murder added to growing concerns over the accessibility of firearms and gun crime plaguing Atlanta.

Shootings and gun deaths have risen sharply in Atlanta over the past decade. In 2021, there were 188 homicide victims in Atlanta, a 58% increase from 2019. Over 80% of these murders involved firearms.

Contributing factors include an influx of weapons on the streets, the economic impacts of the pandemic, and lenient gun laws in Georgia allowing easy access to firearms. Gang activity and robberies turning fatal also play roles.

Community activists have demanded action through gun buyback programs, conflict resolution initiatives, and calling for stricter background checks and permitting requirements. But the violence continues, showing no signs of abating.

Closing Thoughts

The tragic murder of Derrick Dukes illustrates how quickly altercations can turn fatal when guns are in the equation. Kristy Forrester and Robert Scott will spend the rest of their days imprisoned for their ruthless actions. But nothing can bring back Dukes to his grieving family and community.

His senseless death highlights the scourge of gun violence plaguing Atlanta communities. We can only hope lessons are learned, lives saved, and reforms enacted to prevent more unnecessary bloodshed. But until the proliferation of firearms infecting the streets is addressed, the body count seems certain to keep rising.

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