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Hitomi Tanaka, often known simply as Hitomi, is one of Japan’s most famous adult video (AV) actresses. With her voluptuous figure, charming smile, and fun-loving personality, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. In this extensive profile, we’ll explore Hitomi’s background, her rise to fame, her most notable work, and the secrets behind her universal appeal.

Hitomi Tanaka’s Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Hitomi Tanaka stands at a petite 5’1″ tall and weighs around 47 kg (103 lb). Her short stature makes her extra curvy figure seem even more dramatic.

Hitomi’s measurements are an eye-popping 116-23-32 (I-cup bust, 23-inch waist, 32-inch hips). Her 116cm bust size is completely natural and sets her apart even among busty JAV idols.

Height1.56 m (5′ 1″)
Weight47 kg (103 lb)
Bust116 inches (294.64 cm)
Waist23 inches (58.42 cm)
Hips32 inches (81.28 cm)
MeasurementIn Inches:116-23-32
In cm: 294.64-58.42
Natural breastYes

Background and Early Life

Hitomi Tanaka Wiki

Hitomi Tanaka was born Tanaka Hitomi (田中瞳) on July 18, 1986 in Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. She had an average upbringing and lived a relatively quiet early life. As a teenager, her busty physique began to attract attention. She started participating in local swimsuit competitions, wowing crowds with her 116cm I-cup breasts.

At 18, Hitomi moved to Tokyo to pursue modeling work. She signed with the talent agency Asahi Entertainment and began posing for gravure (bikini) modeling photos. Her fresh-faced beauty and curvaceous figure quickly gained notice.

By 2007, Hitomi had established herself as one of Japan’s most popular gravure idols. But she hungered for more. In 2008, she made her adult video debut and the rest is history.

AV Career Beginnings

Hitomi Tanaka bio

Hitomi Tanaka’s first AV appearance came in 2008 with Hitomi for Adults: AV Shock Debut for leading studio Soft on Demand (SOD). The video showcased the 22-year-old newbie’s natural charms and was a huge hit, selling thousands of copies immediately.

Over the next two years, Hitomi cemented her popularity with bestselling videos for SOD and other major Japanese AV studios like Moodyz and Oppai. Her 2009 video Hyper-Risky Mosaic Hitomi won AV Open’s coveted Best Title Award.

By 2010, Hitomi had become one of the top AV idols in Japan. But her appeal extended far beyond Japan’s borders. Let’s look at how this buxom beauty conquered the international market.

Taking the World By Storm

With her one-of-a-kind body and fun-loving attitude, Hitomi Tanaka’s popularity exploded worldwide.

In 2010, she began working with North American adult website Scoreland. Over the next decade, she would film dozens of exclusive videos for their global fanbase.

Hitomi also became a sensation in China. In 2009, she represented SOD at the first-ever Shanghai Adult Exhibition. Her appearance caused a frenzy with thousands of Chinese fans flocking to meet the Japanese AV queen.

Across Europe, Hitomi gained immense popularity, even starring as the model for the French manga character Katana Tomie. On porn sites worldwide, fans craved the exclusive Hitomi content being produced for the international market.

By the 2010s, Hitomi Tanaka had become the most globally recognizable Japanese AV actress. Let’s look at some of the factors behind her universal appeal.

The Secrets of Her Success

Hitomi Tanaka net worth

So what makes Hitomi Tanaka stand out from the crowded field of Japanese AV idols? Here are some of the keys to her global stardom:

Her Extreme Bust Size

Of course, Hitomi Tanaka’s 116cm I-cup breasts are her main claim to fame. Her rare, 100% natural bust size has mesmerized fans worldwide. Even in the world of Japanese AV, where busty women are common, Hitomi’s proportions are in a league of their own.

Her Fun-Loving Personality

Another big key to Hitomi Tanaka’s appeal is her lively, approachable personality. Unlike some AV actresses who act shy on camera, Hitomi radiates self-confidence and joy. Her natural charisma and humor shine through.

Her cute Face

Hitomi Tanaka has the ultimate combo of an angelic face with a bombshell body. Her pretty facial expressions and infectious smile perfectly complement her eye-popping curves.

Her Professionalism

While many AVs feel amateurish, Hitomi’s videos stand out with excellent camera work, flattering lighting, and creative concepts. She works diligently to provide a top-quality product that shows off her assets.

Thanks to these winning qualities, Hitomi Tanaka has built up an incredibly devoted global fan base. Next, let’s look at some of her most popular videos over the years.

Notable Works

Hitomi Tanaka Measurements

With hundreds of AVs under her belt, Hitomi has showcased her ample talents in all kinds of creative scenarios. Here are some of her most memorable videos to date:

Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star (2009) – This cosplay/costume AV brought Hitomi’s busty appeal to a sci-fi setting. Her Pink Ranger outfit left fans seeing stars.

Hyper Risky Mosaic (2009) – Hitomi’s dancing and striptease in this club-themed video earned AV Open’s top prize.

Hitomi Lesson (2012) – For this student/teacher themed video, Hitomi sported sexy glasses and an ultra-revealing school uniform.

Pacopacomama (2013) – One of Hitomi’s most popular series cast her as a busty housewife engaging in steamy affairs.

Hitomi’s Private Life (2015) – Filmed for Scoreland, this rare glimpse into Hitomi’s home life provided an intimate, candid look.

Tanaka The Woman (2016) – This erotic superhero sendup perfectly captured Hitomi’s spirit with fun cosplay and action-packed sex.

Hitomi Unleashed (2018) – For one of her most explicit videos, Hitomi finally went all out showcasing her sexual skills.

Hitomi Katsuni (2020) – Co-starring with French porn legend Katsuni, this East meets West collab was a huge crossover event.

Across countless original videos and compilations, Hitomi has explored every avenue and maintained her elite popularity. But even the biggest stars eventually decide to move on.

Retirement from AV

Hitomi Tanaka photo

On February 28, 2022 Hitomi Tanaka shocked the industry by announcing her retirement from adult video performing. She cited a desire to move on to new challenges. Fans worldwide were crestfallen but very grateful for all of her legendary work.

Hitomi’s final video, titled The Last Tango, was filmed with leading studio SOD and released in April 2022. True to form, she went all out with one last titanic performance. Sales were massive as fans snatched up this precious farewell.

Looking back, Hitomi Tanaka’s AV career burned brightly for 14 prolific years. She leaves behind an indelible legacy as one of the most successful and universally adored AV idols worldwide. Next, let’s look at what Hitomi’s been up to post-retirement.

Life After AV

Since retiring in spring 2022, Hitomi has continued modeling along with pursuing new ventures. She focuses much of her energy on her YouTube channel, which provides a fun glimpse into her daily life.

Hitomi also remains active on Twitter engaging with her many fans. While she may never perform in another adult video, her legions of followers worldwide will support her in whatever she does next.

Now at age 36, Hitomi Tanaka seems content moving on from her AV past and entering a new phase. She gave the world countless hours of joy and laughter. Her one-of-a-kind career will never be forgotten.

Impact and Legacy

When historians look back at the golden age of Japanese AV, Hitomi Tanaka will undeniably be remembered as one of the all-time greats. Here’s a quick look at her lasting impact:

  • She brought Japanese AV mainstream international attention like few others ever have.
  • She remains the #1 performer on major JAV databases like JAVLibrary and JSexNetwork.
  • She won AV industry accolades like the Fan Award for Best Boobs in 2016.
  • She is still ranked as one of the top adult actresses on leading sites like Pornhub.
  • She served as inspiration for manga characters, video game mods, and much more.
  • She helped remove taboos and brought fun to the perception of busty performers.
  • She built an incredibly loyal, dedicated fanbase that continues to support her today.

Very few performers ever achieve the level of mega-stardom that Hitomi enjoyed at her peak. Decades from now, her hit videos will still be racking up millions of views. Her impact on the industry will never fade.

Hitomi Tanaka’s Net Worth

Given her long career and high earning power, Hitomi Tanaka has amassed an estimated net worth of $1-2 million USD. Even in retirement, she earns income from residuals and her fan club. Her monetary success matches her legendary status in the industry.

Fun Facts About Hitomi

To conclude this extensive profile, let’s run through some fun facts about the busty goddess Hitomi Tanaka:

  • She earned the nickname “Human Cow” in China because of her giant udders.
  • Before her AV career began, she worked at a maid cafe in Akihabara.
  • She won PornHub’s first ever Unicorn Award in 2020.
  • She is an avid gamer and has streamed herself playing Final Fantasy XIV.
  • She stays connected to fans via a paid subscription fan club.
  • She loves dressing up in cosplay outfits from anime and video games.
  • She has said her hobbies include video games, manga, computer programming and car drifting.
  • She has a pet chihuahua named Meme that frequently appears on her social media.
  • She stands just 5’1” tall, making her bust appear even larger.
  • Her first gig outside Japan was modeling at AVN Expo 2010 in Las Vegas.

Off-camera, Hitomi comes across as a humble, friendly person grateful for her incredible career. She has given the world so many memorable moments while keeping a smile on her face.


In the world of Japanese AV idols, few names ring out louder than Hitomi Tanaka. Her rare natural endowments, fun personality, and professional work ethic allowed her to conquer both the JAV scene and international fandom.

Although she has now officially retired from adult video performing, Hitomi’s career will never be forgotten. The busty goddess entertained her fans right up until the end. She has more than earned her place in the AV idol hall of fame.

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