Who is Gio Scotti? Age, Height, Gender, Biography & More

Gio Scotti is an up-and-coming social media sensation who is taking the internet by storm. With millions of followers across platforms like TikTok and Instagram, this young starlet is quickly cementing her status as one of the most popular Gen Z influencers today.

Gio Scotti Biography

Gio Scotti’s real name is Giovanna Scotti. She was born on December 2, 2006, in Parma, Italy to parents Alessandro and Sofia Scotti. She has a younger brother named Marco who is 3 years younger than her.

Gio grew up in the idyllic countryside of northern Italy. From a young age, she was a creative soul who loved singing, dancing, acting and entertaining others. She was an outgoing, bubbly child who could light up any room with her infectious energy.

Gio Scotti Biography

At school, Gio excelled in arts and humanities subjects. She participated in school plays and talent shows, captivating audiences with her charisma and stage presence. Her supportive parents nurtured her passions, signing her up for music, drama and dance lessons.

Outside of school, Gio loved immersing herself in nature. She enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, cycling and hiking. She also had a passion for reading fantasy and adventure novels that fuelled her imagination.

Who is Gio Scotti

As a teen, Gio remains down-to-earth and family-oriented despite her massive online following. She loves spending time with her parents, brother and close friends. She also adores her two pet dogs, Cookie and Biscuit, who frequently make cameo appearances in her social media posts.

Gio Scotti Age

Gio Scotti Age

Gio Scotti was born on December 2, 2006, in Parma, Italy. As of January 2024, she is 16 years old.

Being born in 2006 places Gio squarely in the Generation Z cohort. Often called “Zoomers”, Gen Z encompasses people born between 1997-2012.

Some key traits of Generation Z include:

  • Tech-savvy
  • Practical
  • Open-minded
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Socially conscious

At 16, Gio Scotti epitomizes many of the hallmarks of her Zoomer generation. She leverages technology to express herself creatively and build her personal brand.

Gio Scotti Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Gio Scotti Height

Gio has a slim, petite frame standing at 5’3” (160 cm) and weighing approximately 93 lbs (42 kg). She has an enviable hourglass figure with measurements of 32-24-32 inches.

With her dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair complexion, Gio possesses a classic Italian beauty look. She has a bright, expressive face with an energetic smile.

Gio stays fit through dance, Pilates and light strength training. She also emphasizes eating healthy, nourishing foods like salads, fruits and lean proteins.

Her fashion aesthetic emphasizes feminine, chic styles from brands like Zara, Mango and Stradivarius. She loves wearing trendy dresses, crop tops, mom jeans, tennis skirts and thigh-high boots.

Gio also has a knack for accessorizing, often sporting dainty jewelry, sunglasses and designer handbags that pull her outfits together. Her hair is usually worn down in loose waves or an elegant updo.

Height in inches5 feet 3 inches
Height in cm160 cm
Weight in Kg42 kg
Weight in lbs93 lbs
Body Measurements32-24-32 inches or 81-61-81 centimeters
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Rise to Social Media Stardom

Gio Scotti’s Tiktok

Gio Scotti's Tiktok

Gio started her social media career in October 2020 at the age of 13. She created a TikTok account and quickly amassed a following by posting fun lip syncing and dancing videos.

Her charismatic on-camera presence and bubbly personality made her videos addictively entertaining. She also jumped on viral trends and challenges, winning over Gen Z audiences with her cool, relatable attitude.

Some of her most popular TikTok posts include lip syncs to songs by artists like Elisa, Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran. She often collaborates with other top Italian TikTok creators like Emily Marinelli, Maria Grazia Esposito and Alessia Lanza.

In just over two years, Gio has accumulated 2.4 million TikTok followers and 169 million likes. She posts daily videos that get millions of views each.

Gio Scotti’s Instagram

Gio Scotti's Instagram

Gio expanded her influencer career to Instagram in 2021. She shares aesthetically pleasing fashion and lifestyle photos that highlight her trendy sense of style. She loves posting OOTD shots sporting chic designer dresses, bags and accessories.

Her Instagram also gives a sneak peek into her day-to-day life, travels and special moments with family and friends. She cites Chiara Ferragni as one of her biggest fashion inspirations.

As of January 2023, Gio has 287,000 Instagram followers. Brands have taken notice of her strong Gen Z appeal and she often promotes products like clothing, cosmetics and tech gadgets.

Why Gio Scotti’s So Popular

Why Gio Scotti's So Popular

So what makes Gio Scotti stand out from the crowded social media influencer space? Here are some of the key factors contributing to her meteoric rise to fame:

Relatable Personality: Gio comes across as a friendly, happy-go-lucky teen who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her quirky spontaneity feels organic and she doesn’t put on heirs despite her celebrity status.

Trendiness: Gio’s fashion, makeup and content choices are carefully aligned with the latest Gen Z and TikTok trends. Her target demographic finds her tastes ultra-relatable.

Multitalented: Whether she’s dancing, acting, singing or modeling, Gio consistently impresses fans with her many talents and abilities. This makes her content even more engaging.

Positivity: Exuding confidence and joy, Gio maintains a positive social media presence that uplifts people. She avoids drama and controversial topics.

Cross-Platform Presence: By leveraging multiple platforms, Gio keeps growing her audience and expanding her personal brand.

Authenticity: Gio comes across as genuine and honest in all her posts. Fans feel like they’re getting to know the real her.

Consistency: Posting 1-2 times daily keeps her channel thriving and audience engaged. She works hard to churn out new captivating content.

Gio’s relatable, fun-loving personality and multidimensional talents make her the complete teen influencer package. She has unlocked the secret sauce to capturing the hearts and attention spans of Gen Z.

Quick Facts

Full NameGiovanna Scotti
BirthdayDecember 2, 2006
Age16 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
HometownParma, Italy
Height5’3″ (160 cm)
SiblingsOne younger brother
Relationship StatusSingle
PetsDogs Cookie and Biscuit


  • Favorite Food: Pasta, pizza, cheese
  • Favorite Artists: Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Elisa
  • Favorite Places: Lake Garda, Milan, Venice
  • Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, photography, horseback riding

What’s Next for Gio Scotti?

At just 16, Gio Scotti’s career is just getting started. Some potential future endeavors she could explore include:

  • Releasing original music or cover songs
  • Pursuing acting roles in TV/films
  • Writing a book
  • Launching a fashion line
  • Partnering with major brands as a brand ambassador
  • Growing her YouTube presence with expanded content
  • Hosting live events or going on tour
  • Getting into philanthropy/social causes

Gio’s future looks very bright. With her talent and drive, she has the potential to expand her empire far beyond social media stardom. She represents an exciting new generation of multi-hyphenate Gen Z influencers taking the entertainment industry by storm.

There’s no limit to how far this ambitious Italian teen sensation can continue building her personal brand and creativity. One thing’s for sure – Gio Scotti is a rising star to keep watching!

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