Who is Emanuela Pecchia? Wiki, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Age, Facts

Emanuela Pecchia is an Italian woman who came into the limelight as the wife of Paolo Macchiarini, a controversial Italian-Swiss thoracic surgeon.

While her husband rose to fame and later infamy for his unethical medical practices, Emanuela has largely stayed out of the public eye.

In this blog post, we will explore Emanuela’s background, family, career, net worth, and other facts about her life.

Emanuela Pecchia Wiki/Bio

Emanuela Pecchia was born in the late 1970s or early 1980s in Italy. Not much is known about her family and upbringing, as she has kept details of her early life private.

According to some reports, she was raised in a middle-class family in Italy.

Her parents’ names and occupations are not known publicly. She is thought to have at least one sibling, but their identity has also been kept private.

Pecchia completed her schooling in Italy and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from a university in the United States.

Emanuela Pecchia Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Emanuela Pecchia exact date of birth is not known but According to some sources, she has reached the age of 40, as of 2024. Emanuela’s birth sign is Aries.

Age40 Years old
Birth SignAries

Emanuela Pecchia Height & Weight

How tall is Emanuela Pecchia? Emanuela Pecchia stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm tall and weighs around 58 kg or 127 lbs. Emanuela’s hair color is Black and her eye color is Black.

Height in Centimeters172 cm
Height in Meters1.72 m
Height in Inches5 feet 8 inches
Weight In Kilograms 58 Kg
Weight In Pounds127 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye ColorBlack

Relationship and Marriage with Paolo Macchiarini

Emanuela Pecchia age
image credit – independent.ie

Emanuela first met Paolo Macchiarini in Italy, where the two started dating. Macchiarini is a thoracic surgeon born in Switzerland but raised in Italy. The two got married sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s in Italy.

They have two children together – a daughter and a son whose names and ages remain unknown. The family was based in Italy while Macchiarini worked at medical centers in Italy and Spain.

In the late 2000s, Macchiarini relocated to work in hospitals in the United States while Pecchia continued to live in Italy with their children. This long-distance arrangement put strains on their marriage.

Paolo Macchiarini’s Controversies

Paolo Macchiarini rose to fame in the late 2000s and early 2010s as a pioneering surgeon in regenerative medicine.

However, an investigation by Swedish journalists in 2014 accused him of falsifying his academic credentials and lying about the effectiveness of his experimental surgeries.

Several of his patients had died following the procedures, triggering inquiries into his medical ethics.

In 2016, Macchiarini was fired from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden over these ethical breaches.

Macchiarini’s Affair and Broken Engagement

Is Paolo Macchiarini still married?

In 2015, while still married to Emanuela Pecchia, Macchiarini started an affair with Benita Alexander, an American TV producer he had met while working in the US. He even proposed to Alexander in Paris and the two got engaged.

Alexander later found out that Macchiarini was still married to Pecchia. When confronted, he made excuses but refused to call off the engagement.

Alexander broke it off in 2016, just two months before their planned wedding.

Status of Emanuela’s Marriage Currently

Emanuela Pecchia husband

The revelations of Macchiarini’s lies, questionable surgeries, and affair caused huge turmoil in his marriage to Emanuela Pecchia.

While it is not confirmed, most sources state that Emanuela Pecchia separated from Macchiarini sometime between 2016 and 2018.

She continues to live a private life focused on raising her children in Italy while Macchiarini faces several lawsuits and criminal charges in Europe related to his medical ethics violations.

Neither has publicly commented on the status of their relationship in recent years.

Emanuela Pecchia’s Career and Jobs

There is limited information available about Emanuela Pecchia’s professional career and jobs she has held. She is believed to have been a homemaker for most of her married life, focused on raising her two children.

Some reports indicate she may have had part-time jobs or small businesses, but no specifics are known. She does not seem to be actively employed in a career currently.

Emanuela Pecchia Net Worth

Emanuela Pecchia Net Worth

Estimates of Emanuela Pecchia’s net worth are unavailable as she has stayed out of the public eye. Sources speculate that her net worth is under $1 million.

While her husband Macchiarini earned sizable salaries as a surgeon, his career decline and legal troubles likely affected his earnings and savings.

Pecchia may have some assets of her own through inheritance or divorce settlement, but her exact finances are not publicly known. She lives a middle-class lifestyle in Italy.

Personality and Interests

By all accounts, Emanuela Pecchia is a private, family-oriented woman who enjoys activities like:

  • Cooking Italian meals
  • Gardening and caring for plants
  • Spending time with her children and pets
  • Reading fiction novels in her free time
  • Travelling to tourist destinations in Europe

Current Whereabouts and Recent Life

emanuela pecchia macchiarini photo

Emanuela Pecchia continues to live in Italy in the same home she shared with Macchiarini before their separation. She is focused on providing a stable, loving home for her children.

Her daughter is thought to be in her late teens or early 20s now while her son is likely a young teenager or pre-teen. She maintains connections with family and close friends in Italy.

Pecchia has not been seen publicly with Macchiarini in the last 5-6 years. She avoids the media spotlight on her husband’s legal issues. By keeping her recent life private, she shields herself and her children from scrutiny.

Final Thoughts on Emanuela Pecchia

Emanuela Pecchia’s story reflects the common situation of being forced into an unwelcome public eye due to the actions of a famous spouse. She represents the dignity of maintaining privacy despite intense outside curiosity.

While Macchiarini faces public disgrace, she has insulated herself and found peace away from the limelight.

She remains devoted to family and maintaining normalcy despite the turbulence of the past decade. Her quiet strength and grace are admirable.

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  1. This story is based upon inaccuracies fake reporting. Benita Alexander, dumped master manipulator Macchiaraing found guilty of practicing botched surgical quackery! She’s not & didn’t marry Macchiarini. She called it off after determining her was a fraudster!

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