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Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, YouTube and beyond. His boisterous personality, iconic mullet and mustache, and flashy outfits draw millions of viewers in on the regular.

But behind this bombastic character is Guy Beahm, a former developer and community manager at Sledgehammer Games. While Guy stands at 6’8”, Dr Disrespect appears even taller thanks to his custom costumes and personality.

Let’s take a closer look at Dr Disrespect’s height both in and out of character, his rise to streaming fame, and how his stature contributes to his success.

Who is Dr Disrespect?

Dr Disrespect is the alter ego of Guy Beahm, who created this bombastic persona while streaming video games in 2010. The character grew over the years into a 6’8” mustachioed, mulleted villain who dominates in battle royale games.

He first gained major popularity by streaming H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), though today he plays various titles including Call of Duty: Warzone. The Doc is known for his expert skills, over-the-top trash talking, and commanding presence.

Some key facts about Dr Disrespect:

  • Real name: Guy Beahm
  • Age: 40 years old as of 2022
  • Height: 6’8″ (claimed in character)
  • Debut: 2010 on Justin.tv
  • Known for: Streaming H1Z1, PUBG, COD and more
  • Catchphrases: “The two-time back-to-back 1993-1994 blockbuster video game champion,” “Firm handshakes,” “Violence, speed, momentum.”

Though the boisterous on-stream personality has earned him millions of followers, controversy has followed as well. He’s been banned from Twitch multiple times for various violations.

However, the Doc always manages to bounce back stronger than ever. His command of the screen and ability to entertain massive crowds has made him one of the most iconic streamers today.

Dr Disrespect’s Backstory

Dr Disrespect’s Backstory

Long before he became Dr Disrespect, Guy Beahm loved video games and competition. He was born in Encinitas, California in 1982 and became obsessed with multiplayer titles at a young age.

After studying creative writing at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Guy started working at Sledgehammer Games in 2011. He leveraged his love of community building and helped manage Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty forums.

It was on these forums that the Dr Disrespect persona first emerged. As community manager, Guy created a fake villain account to stir up trouble and keep things exciting. Little did he know that this personality would later explode in popularity.

In 2010, Guy began streaming multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Black Ops under the handle DrDisrespectLIVE. The channel featured Guy playing as his villainous alter ego, trash talking opponents and dominating maps.

Viewers loved the arrogant yet skilled character. Guy slowly built up Disrespect’s backstory, look and catchphrases over time.

By 2017, Dr Disrespect had become one of the top personalities on the streaming platform Twitch. However, his rising fame led Sledgehammer to fire Guy for prioritizing his streaming career over his community manager role.

Losing his job allowed Guy to commit fully to building Dr Disrespect into a juggernaut brand. And the results speak for themselves, as the Doc is now a household name among streaming audiences.

Dr Disrespect’s Height & Weight: How tall is Dr Disrespect?

Dr Disrespect’s Height

One of Dr Disrespect’s most striking features is his extraordinary height. The character claims to stand at 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters) tall.

For comparison, that puts him on par with NBA stars like Lebron James and Kevin Durant. The Doc towers over most streamers and gamers who average a much more modest 5’8”-5’10”.

This exaggerated height feeds into Dr Disrespect’s intimidating persona. It allows him to literally look down on other players as he trash talks them into oblivion.

However, Guy Beahm’s actual height remains a subject of debate:

  • Guy’s real height: Most sources estimate Guy stands around 6’3”-6’4” (1.90-1.93 meters) tall in real life. This is well above the average American male height of 5’9” according to CDC data.
  • With costume: Dr Disrespect likely appears 1-3 inches taller thanks to his knee-high boots and tall wig. The custom outfit adds to his imposing character.
  • Exaggerated height: By claiming 6’8”, the Doc adds several extra inches to seem more villainous and intimidating. This makes him appear to tower over regular gamers.

So while Guy Beahm is quite tall in person, Dr Disrespect cranks it up a notch. The exaggerated height makes his trash talk and domination seem even more impressive in character.

Height In Centimeters – 203.2 cm
In Meters – 2.03
In Inches – 6 feet 8 inches
Weight In Kilograms – 95 Kg
In Pounds – 209.43 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye ColorBrown

Dr Disrespect’s Rise to Fame

How tall is Dr Disrespect?

Dr Disrespect’s journey from a forum joke to one of the most popular gaming personalities has been astounding. A few key milestones helped build his brand:

Early Streaming Success

After losing his community manager job in 2015, Guy Beahm decided to stream full time as Dr Disrespect. He gained traction in multiplayer battle royale shooters like H1Z1, PUBG and COD: Blackout.

Viewers loved his impressive skills, strategic gameplay and over-the-top personality. The Doc talked trash to both opponents and viewers, dominating maps using violence, speed and momentum.

By mid-2017, Dr Disrespect had accrued over 500,000 followers on Twitch. He won Streamer of the Year at the Esports Industry Awards 2017 thanks to his expert marksmanship and character.


Unfortunately, controversy soon followed. In June 2018, Twitch suspended Dr Disrespect’s channel after he streamed from a bathroom at E3, violating policies. And in 2019, he took a break from streaming after admitting to marital infidelity.

However, the Doc bounced back stronger than ever both times. His transparency earned back many fans’ respect. Viewership and subscribers increased despite the scandals.

Return to Glory

In 2020, Dr Disrespect signed an exclusive multi-year contract with Twitch worth millions. He averaged over 30,000 concurrent viewers, dominating battle royale and first-person shooter categories.

However, Twitch suddenly banned him again in June 2020 for unknown reasons. After a few months in limbo, the Doc began exclusively streaming on YouTube in August 2020.

He racked up over 4 million subscribers in his first year, proving his unmatched ability to entertain massive crowds. Disrespect remains one of the most iconic gaming personalities today.

How Dr Disrespect’s Height Plays In

How Dr Disrespect’s Height Plays In

So how does Dr Disrespect’s stature play into his wild popularity and success? Here are a few key ways his height feeds into his persona and brand:

Intimidating Presence

At 6’8”, Dr Disrespect looks downright villainous staring down on other gamers. His extraordinary height makes his trash talk seem even more threatening. It’s as if Dr Disrespect belittles enemies both verbally and physically.

Even if exaggerated, this towering presence intimidates foes and asserts dominance. The Doc’s stature helps him stand out in gaming’s sea of short to average height streamers.

Persona Authenticity

Claiming 6’8” also makes Dr Disrespect seem more like an actual person rather than a character. Given Guy Beahm’s height of 6’3”-6’4”, saying he’s 6’8” in costume seems plausible rather than totally exaggerated.

This makes the Dr Disrespect persona more authentic. Viewers can buy in to the character and his backstory more believing he’s extremely tall but within the realm of possibility.

Audience Connection

Additionally, being very tall helps Guy Beahm connect to his audience more easily. Since most gamers are average height, looking up to the 6’8” Doc makes them feel like they’re catching a glimpse of how gaming looks to someone bigger and grander than themselves.

It’s like getting superstar basketball players’ perspectives when you’re accustomed to playing casual games at the park. This fish-out-of-water dynamic makes viewers feel like they’re seeing gaming from a whole new angle.

Costume Authenticity

Dr Disrespect’s custom costumes also suit his extraordinary height. The knee-high snakeskin boots, racing mullet, and reflective sunglasses complement a huge frame. It’s hard to imagine the outfit looking natural on a smaller person.

Since Guy Beahm has the stature to pull the costume off convincingly, it seems more realistic. TheDocs look inspires countless costumes and cosplay attempts among fans.

Dr Disrespect’s Gaming Setup

Dr Disrespect's Gaming Setup

Dr Disrespect’s gaming setup is as elaborate as his persona. He spares no expense creating an immersive, arena-like streaming habitat fitting of a champion.

Some key components that help bring Dr Disrespect to life:

  • LED Lighting: Bright flashing LED strips set the mood and attract viewers. Disco-style lights enhance the Doc’s swagger.
  • Green screen: A giant green screen allows custom scene setting. The Doc regularly appears against flashy backgrounds fitting his persona.
  • Multi-PC: Dr Disrespect utilizes 3 high-end PCs to power his complex streaming operation. This ensures top-tier visuals and performance.
  • Motion Sim: A custom 3DOF motion simulator chair adds realism and immersion to gameplay. The moving chair reacts to in-game motions live on stream.
  • Microphone: A Shure SM7B microphone optimizes Disrespect’s iconic voice. The mic accentuates his booming trash talk.
  • Camera: A Sony a7 III camera provides professional face cam footage in 4K clarity. It captures all the Doc’s expressions in rich detail.

This expensive, customized streaming habitat helps bring Dr Disrespect to life. The goal is total immersion, both for the Doc and viewers. The gear ensures maximum production value and entertainment.

Dr Disrespect’s Net Worth

Dr Disrespect worked his way up from a forum personality to one of the most popular and highest paid streamers worldwide. Here is a look at the Doc’s earnings over the years:

  • 2010-2016: $0 – Streamed as a hobby while working a day job
  • 2017: ~$200k – Began monetizing streams via donations and sponsorships after quitting job
  • 2018: ~$1 million – Twitch subscription revenue plus sponsorships
  • 2019: ~$3-4 million – Continued growth in subscribers and sponsors
  • 2020: ~$10 million per year deal with Twitch
  • 2021: $10+ million with YouTube deal after Twitch ban

According to unofficial estimates, Dr Disrespect’s net worth lands around $10-15 million as of 2022. However, between multi-year contracts and sponsored deals, he likely earns $10+ million annually.

For comparison, that puts Dr Disrespect in the upper echelon of streamers alongside personalities like xQc, Summit1g and TimTheTatMan. The Doc’s revenue allows him to continue enhancing an already decked out streaming setup.

Dr Disrespect’s Legacy

Dr Disrespect remains one of the most iconic personalities in streaming history. His brand took off thanks to a combination of elite FPS skills, multi-faceted persona and consistency.

Some achievements that have cemented his legacy so far:

  • 2x Back-to-Back Video Game Champion – Doc created this fictional accolade as part of his backstory. The “two-time” phrase remains one of his most recognizable catchphrases.
  • Featured as a top streamer in HBO’s documentary film Real Sports – One of the first mainstream media profiles of Dr Disrespect and rise of gaming personalities.
  • Named Streamer of the Year at Esports Industry Awards 2017 – High honor voted on by fans and colleagues in the industry.
  • Designed his own map in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Doc helped conceive the map “Dr Disrespect’s Area 51” based around his personality.
  • Accumulated millions of followers across Twitch and YouTube – Proving the ability to retain an audience across platforms.
  • Received streamsniper cameos from celebrities like NBA player Josh Hart – Massive reach expanding beyond just gaming audiences.
  • Inspired countless costumes and cosplay attempts – The Doc’s signature look has been recreated by fans worldwide.

Through his boisterous personality and elite skills, Dr Disrespect has more than earned his self-proclaimed titles and honors. He remains one of the most compelling figures in gaming history.

FAQs about Dr Disrespect’s Height

Here are answers to some common questions fans have about Dr Disrespect’s stature and real height vs his persona:

Q: How tall is Dr Disrespect actually?

A: Dr Disrespect’s real height is estimated to be around 6’3″ to 6’4″ (1.90 – 1.93 meters) tall. That’s well above the average male height.

Q: Is Dr Disrespect actually 6’8”?

A: No, his claimed 6’8″ height is an exaggeration to make the persona more intimidating. With his custom boots and wig, Dr Disrespect likely stands 6’5″-6’7″.

Q: What is Dr Disrespect’s weight?

A: He weighs around 95 kg or 209 lbs based on photos. This athletic build suits the Dr Disrespect persona.

Q: How did Guy create the Dr Disrespect character?

A: Guy first created him as a forum personality in 2010. The villainous, arrogant character grew popular so he brought him to life while streaming.

Q: Could a shorter person effectively play Dr Disrespect?

A: It’s unlikely. His extraordinary height makes the trash talk and persona much more imposing. Guy Beahm’s 6’4″ stature brings authenticity.

Q: Does Dr Disrespect act taller on purpose?

A: Yes, the 6’8″ claim and tall boots/hairdo help make him appear larger than life. This intimidates foes and gives him an aura of domination.

Final Thoughts

Through sheer force of personality, Dr Disrespect has cemented himself as one of gaming’s most iconic figures. His extraordinary height plays perfectly into this bombastic, arrogant character.

While Guy Beahm stands at a lofty 6’3″-6’4″ naturally, his custom Dr Disrespect costumes add several inches. This allows him to tower over opponents and viewers alike at a mythical 6’8″.

The Doc’s stature won’t be winning him any Mr. Olympia competitions. However, it makes his trash talk seem even more belittling and domineering. Plus it adds authenticity, letting Guy own this villainous character.

Dr Disrespect has brilliantly turned his video game passion into a champion’s persona thanks to expert marksmanship, strategic gameplay and non-stop entertainment. His rise from forums to mainstream fame is an inspiration.

Here’s to many more elite battle royale matches, inventive trash talk, and perfectly delivered catchphrases from the two-time. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the towering, mustachioed Doc as he continues to game at the highest level.

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